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Tuesday, May 31

Four for Tuesday

I missed Friday. Oh well. Questions (in black) courtesy of Belicove. Answers (in red) courtesy of me.

  1. Do you search for and use grocery store coupons? Why or why not? I look for them, I cut them out. I never use them. Most of the time, I forget them at home and then remember them after they have expired.
  2. With respect to your friends--close or otherwise--do they tend to be the same age as you, younger than you, or older than you? Excluding relatives, blood or otherwise, what's the biggest difference in age between youself and your oldest or youngest friend? Most of my friends tend to be older than me, definitely. The biggest age difference.....I'm saying 22 years. One of my best friends is about 53.
  3. Within the last couple of weeks, General Motors, Morgan Stanley, and British Petroleum have all instituted policies which demand that newspapers, magazines, and web sites from which they have purchased advertising space, inform them in advance of any text or visual images they plan to publish that directly mention their company's name, a competitor's name, or in BP's case, the oil-and-energy industry. In short, these companies want the opportunity to pull their advertisements from media outlets on days when less than positive editorial coverage may be coming their way. How do you feel about this? Since most media outlets rely on paid advertising as their primary source of revenue, should advertisers, in essence, be allowed to be dictate which editorial content publishers can or cannot print? Or, since publishers charge an arm and a leg for the advertising space to begin with, not to mention that it's the advertiser's money that's being spent, is this sort of practice basically okay? Hardball, huh? If they bought a month's worth of ad space on my website, and then wanted to pull their ads on the 15th they wouldn't be getting any money back, that's for sure. Yes, I know that didn't answer the question.
  4. Would you ever answer your cell phone if it rang while you were in a public restroom? What if you were in the privacy of your own bathroom at home... would you answer it then? I guess that depends on who is calling. :o) But, probably not.


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