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Sunday, May 29

The Big 01

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Obiter Dictummmmmmm
Happy Birthday to you!

Well, its been a year. I know some people (people who know me who probably don't even look at the site anymore) never thought I would keep it going this long. I never thought I would either. But, not only is it still going, its still fun. And, 22,000 hits later, people still visit. I read through the archives today and laughed at some of the bullshit I've posted over the past year. My favorites are below. Hope ya'll stick around for year 2.

May-June 2004
Let's see...just after Memorial Day last year I watched the Footballer's Wives marathon on TRIO. I mention this only because I saw an ad on BBC America yesterday saying its coming to that channel this July. Finally, I'll be able to watch this show with some regularity. If you get BBC America (and if you don't, you should!) I highly recommend it. Good stuff.

i'm still accepting products for the discriminating librarian.
Great fun looking through old magazines.
My answers to the Emergency 2004 Republican Survey
My second most googled page is this one. Alessandro del Piero has some DEDICATED fans.

July 2004
Interesting. Some of the answers to this quiz have changed over the course of the year. For instance, I LOVE wine (#29) and I much prefer white to red. Who knew?
This post cracked me up! Seriously.
I nearly forgot I won a tv last year, too.

August-December 2004
How could I have forgotten about the Brushback? Best Sports Satire site out there.
Just call me the Grammy non-prognosticator.
Striking it rich
Nympho Librarians
Cartoons and More Cartoons
Still damn funny
Scary movie roundup
KP's favorite poem. (mine too)

Pics and more Pics
I didn't have official spokespeople (like Brian) but I did offer a fair amount of pics over the course of the year.
Damian Lewis
Henry Simmons
Playa Playa
Um....more Vin...


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