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Saturday, May 28

Who are you?

Today's horoscope says I know someone alluring. I know its BS, but I'm still intrigued.....

The Quick:
Dear Robin,

Here is your horoscope for Saturday, May 28:

They're not just interesting and not just fascinating. They're downright alluring. You can't seem to think about anything else. Is that bad, after just a few weeks? Not if you both feel it -- and you probably do.

And the Extended:

There's a new person in your life, and you just can't believe how attracted you are to them. In fact, you're so interested that you can't stop yourself from thinking about them and only them. Is that a bad thing? Well no, especially not if they're doing the same thing. You won't know if they're feeling that same way until you ask, of course -- and that would necessarily involve asking them. Oh, be brave. If anyone is, it's you

Bah, tomorrow it'll probably say I'm gonna die or something.


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