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Tuesday, July 20

Luck of the Draw

I need to preface this by saying I never win anything.  That isn't an exaggeration.  Never.   But, when I was wandering around IBE on Saturday, my cousins and I signed up for a drawing at Penske Chevrolet.   They were giving away a bunch of things, but no cars.  :o)   Anyway, I won a 36 inch tv!   Amazing!   Everyone go and buy a new car at Penske Chevrolet!!!!   It was incredible.  And, because I couldn't get that big tv into my little Hyundai, they brought it to my house for me.   Incredible.   I plugged it in, hooked up the satellite, and it looks pretty.   But, I probably will end up giving it away.   I know you're all thinking I'm crazy, but my dad needs a new tv in his finished basement, and this would be perfect.   And, the tv I have is fantastic already.   (its not as big, but I still think it might be a better tv.)   And, when I told him about it yesterday I could practically see his grin through the phone line.   Maybe giving IS better than receiving.     Maybe.
Of course, if I keep watching it I might just become attached..... Its REALLY pretty. 
Anyway, thanks to Penske Chevrolet.   This is the best thing that has happened to be all year.  (Besides being accepted to law school, of course.....)


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