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Sunday, July 18

IBE pt. 2

Well, I'm back.   It was different working in the booth, and I have a new appreciation for those that do it often.   I did meet some nice law students, though, and I think this is going to be ok.    I enjoyed talking to everyone who stopped by our booth, too.   I remember that I was in their spot at this time last year.   Some Alumni stopped by as well, and offered some advice and encouragement.
And boy was it a great spot for people watching.   Sometimes, I wonder what goes through a person's mind while they're getting dressed.   I mean really.   Like one of my colleagues said, it was like people thought they were going to the club.   And for all the walking that you do, who in their right mind would wear spike heels?!   Maybe I just didn't have the right attitude.  
At any rate, it was nice and I'm glad I did it.   The IU Med students across the aisle looked a bit lonely, though.   One of them was having an intense conversation on his cell.   Doctors.  :o) 


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