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Sunday, July 18

Hour 404--That damn pina colada song

I hate that song.  Truly.  I think its just a case of overexposure.   Two more hours of 1979 and then we're on to the 80s.  Do I sound a little bit excited?   Really, its sad.   I should have something better to do.  But, its summer.  What else is there really? 
Yesteday, was my IBE experience Pt. 1.   If I had to sum it up in one word, I would say: crowded.   I met my cousin there, she works for John Deere and they have a booth at Expo this year.   She isn't having a very good time this year.   Deere was a corporate sponsor, which cost them a cool 25K.   And, for that price, they got to have some of their equipment stolen.   A $600 lawn mower.  Now, I know you're thinking, how could someone steal something as big as a lawn mower from the convention center.   Yes, I was thinking the same thing.   They have the man on tape stealing said lawn mower.   So, besides all the usual setting up the booth craziness, my cousin has been dealing with police reports, and all that kinda great stuff.    And IBE execs saying "Well, I hope this won't negatively influence your decision to come next year."   Uh.....ok. 

Other expo thoughts:  

  1.  Damn, there were a lot of FINE looking men there.   Not that I was looking or anything.....
  2. There were too many people there.  
  3. I got my rings cleaned by someone selling jewelry cleaner and they look awfully shiny now!
  4. The food wasn't all that great this year.
  5. I was glad to see that the Indiana Republican Party was there.  I'm not a republican (obviously) but I was glad to see them making an effort.   There was a fine man in that booth too.  (NOT THAT I WAS LOOKING!)
  6. I walked around the place pretty good but I must have missed a big section because I didn't see the library's booth. 
  7. It was LOUD!  

I had a headache as I was walking back to my car.   There were people burning incense, and I think it gave me a sinus headache.   The loudness just added to it.   Once I got home, took Aleve and a nap, I felt better.   I was just exhausted, though.  

And, I'm going to do it all again today!  Well, I'm going to sit in the law school booth.   Its on the quiet (?) end of the hall, so I don't think I'll be getting a headache.    And, I didn't buy anything.  I saw a couple of framed art type things that would look nice.  I saw a couple of purses that would look equally nice on my arm....I'm not buying anything today either.   In to the booth and then out to the car.  That's it.   I swear....



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