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Sunday, July 25

The 80s are Over

Bummer, huh?   I am listening to a bit of the 90s (we're in February 1991) but its just not the same.    And, while I missed the classic "Ice Ice Baby," I did just get treated to Vanilla's Ice rendition of "Satisfaction."   I know you're all jealous!

Ladies (and interested gentlemen),  The Fox Sports World website has put together a  s(l)ideshow of "Soccer Studs from Euro 2004"   My opinion?    Given its limited scope, just Euro 2004, I can excuse the absence of some other studly soccer stars.   There were still quite a few to work with.   Becks is here, of course, as well as  Milan Baros. 

Here is a pretty good picture of France's Thierry Henry; someone I would not have included on this list prior to seeing this picture.  

Then, there was the George Clooney look-alike from Greece:

Antonis Nikopolidis

England's David James

Denmark's Keeper, Thomas Sorensen

And Italy's Alessandro Del Piero, who FSW says is said resemble Bruce Springsteen. I don't know. What do ya'll think? Boss-esque?

Nope, no quibbling with the list.   Of course, there are 20 studs in all, so check out the link and list some of your favorites.  

Damn, there is another Vanilla Ice song!   Play that Funky Music, Vanilla Ice!   
I have GOT to get out of the 90s.


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