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Friday, July 23

All Aboard the Matt Damon Bandwagon

Other than freezing my butt off in the theater, I enjoyed everything about seeing The Bourne Supremacy today.    I'm not sure I liked it better than the first one, though.   But, considering how MUCH I liked the first one, this is still a glowing recommendation.   If you've read the books, keep in mind that the only thing the books and these movies have in common is the names of the characters.   The books are fantastic.  The movies are fantastic.   They are not the same thing.   

Anyway, another word of warning: you might not want to see this movie drunk.   There are a lot of shaky camera shots.   If you get motion sick, this also might not be the movie for you.    The story was good.   Matt Damon was fantastic.   Metacritic gave it a 70 and that's high praise from a bunch of blowhard critics.  :o)   Go see this movie.   Go on.   Right now.

In other film news:   I think Tom Cruise does his best work as a villain.   I am very much looking forward to Collateral.   I think I have seen a preview for this movie every time I've been to the movies this summer, except for the Harry Potter showing.   Seriously.   Anyway, I'm not a huge TC fan, but I do end up liking most of his movies.  I haven't liked any of them as much as I've liked Interview with the Vampire, though.    He was fantastic in that.   My second favorite would have to be The Last Samurai, but I think that has a lot more to do with the Oscar nominated performance of Ken Watanabe.    Very much looking forward to Tom as a bad guy again.   (August 6)

I also saw a preview of the Ray Charles biopic, Ray,  for the first time.   Oh My God.  (I think I said that out loud in the theater too!)  Jaime Foxx was so much like Ray Charles that I was a little creepy.  You'll just have to see a preview (or the movie) to see what I mean.  I can't even describe it.   I think this is going to be a very well received movie.    And Larenz Tate as Quincy Jones, Ralph Tresvant (of New Edition) as Sam Cooke, and Usher as Jackie Wilson?!  I cannot WAIT for this movie!   (October 29)


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