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Friday, June 10

Just one of those days

Ya know? When you REALLY wish you were somewhere other than where you were?

Its not a bad day by any means. of those days. You almost wish it was a bad day so you could just say it was a bad day. But, its not.

Red Sox and Cubs play this afternoon, so I know what I'll be doing this afternoon. And, since I work with a lot of (silly) Cubs fans, I probably won't even have to result to headphones to listen. Although, you know, it is a little sad to see them crying all the time. What a humanitarian I am, huh?

Yes, Yes, they haven't played since the 1918 World Series. Sure, Red Sox have never been to Wrigley. Cubs played those World Series games at Comiskey because it was the bigger (better!) field.

And, while we're at it, I'd like to clear something up: The myth of the "loveable yet loser Cubs" is just that, a myth. Accoring to their press report, they are a lifetime 9,786-9,229 since 1876. They have a winning record, people! Let's just stop all this feeling sorry for them bullshit and get on with our lives, hmmm?

Hey, I warned you it was one of those days.


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