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Sunday, June 5

Simply the best.

Crash is simply the best movie I have ever seen. Ever.

It is one of those movies where I can't even say what was so good about it. The acting was good, of course. No one missed a beat, which is unusual in ensemble cast movies. Usually there is one or two of the big names who, for whatever reason, doesn't seem to pull their weight with the rest of the cast. Not here. And, each of the characters is completely believeable, despicable, and likeable all at the same time. No filler characters. Each person cast was important to the story, even the very smallest person, riding a city bus, who didn't even utter a line. An excellent, excellent movie. Go see it. Right now. I'll even go with you! I wouldn't mind seeing it again at all. In fact, I'm going again on Tuesday.....


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