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Tuesday, June 21

taming the demon desk

The top of my desk is going to be an all week project. Yesterday, I managed to get a lot of it done, so now it looks like a normal person's desk. It'll take another day to get it empty. I tackled the desk drawers today, though. And, paying homage to baseball statistics, I made a count of what was in the center drawer.

14 blue pens
3 green pens
10 black pens
5 red pens
5 pink highlighters
3 yellow highlighters
1 green highlighter
1 blue highlighter
3 black markers
2 blue markers
1 blue "sharpie"
12 pencils (2 mechanical)
2 pair scissors.
1 box of matches from the Oceanaire Seafood Room

Still reading?

I also had countless rubber bands and paperclips, pennies and paper. Its not all cleaned up. I have no idea how I amassed such a scary amount of writing implements, though.


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