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Monday, June 20

Weekend Roundup

Greetings all,

I spent the weekend in the blessed state of Illinois and it was wonderful! Well, okay, I wasn't really in Illinois. I was in Chicago. (people from Illinois will understand that perfectly) but it was as close as I could get.

Saturday: Construction. I sat and sat. And sat. But, I had ESPN 1000 to keep my company as well as real, live Air America Radio (as opposed to webcast AAR) It really did make all that sitting seem less....irksome. Once we were rolling along again, I was once again reminded that I am not the fearless driver that I never thought I was. Oh yes, and FUCK YOU Gov. Blagojevich. He doubled the amount of tolls unless, of course, you buy an I-pass. This has got to fall on the icky side of the Commerce Clause! (not that i'm a con law scholar, mind you.) Sure, it applies to everyone equally, but how likely is it that someone outside of Illinois is going to buy an I-Pass? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Anyway, so I got there and life was beautiful. Then we piled back into the car and headed South to the White Sox game. It was a beautiful experience. We had fantastic seats, even if they were a bit on the high up side, you're looking down right over home plate. Nice. And my dad.....let me just tell you about him. When I get to my sister's house, he's wearing a Sox t-shirt. Great! He's going to behave himself and we'll all get along nicely. (He's a Dodgers fan, you know. AND a Sox fan.) Anyway, so we get there, Dodgers take a 2-0 lead and he TURNS on us. Like a rabid wolf. Is there no loyalty anymore? So, imagine our glee when A.J. Pierzynski hits a 2 run, bottom of the 9th home run to give Sox the win. Priceless.

Sunday: Church. Yay. (no, seriously) I love going to my sister's church. I love me some Greg Dickow. Truly. If I lived over there (in not Illinois) I would probably go too. We thought my dad would flip out with all the "not old school baptist" goings on, but he actually liked it. See, you can teach an old, not really. But he liked it, so that was a point in the win column.

After Church was Outback where everyone was convinced I'd developed a tapeworm. I don't know, I was just HUNGRY, people! After Outback was the drive home, which was much better than the drive up.

Of course, this was just another weekend that I didn't go shopping for a dress for that wedding....


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