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Tuesday, June 28

Trying things out/Yesterday's CD

So, blogger has this new thing where you can add an images without using Hello! Now, I happen to think this is awesome for posting pics from computers you don't want to download unnecessary software too. (like, for example, at work....) And, it seems to work pretty well.

Anyway, yesterday's CD was a play Cubs fan gave me on Sunday. I swear, sometimes he's like a drug pusher! The first one is always free....... Its a play done by the L.A. Theatre works and its amazing. And now I probably will buy it for the library (the first one is always free....) I didn't know how I would like listening to a play, but its really well done. Names (and voices) you know. There were a few times when I wished I was watching instead of listening. And, if I have a chance to go see this play in person I will probably try to make that happen. It really was very good. I still enjoyed the experience.


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