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Saturday, August 13

Hot Hot Hot

Its hot out there. I know many of you are saying "Well, duh!" But, I was never so glad to get back into my air conditioned apartment than I was just a few minutes ago. Damn! Its hot out there!

I spent the afternoon at the Taste of Downtown Indianapolis that was hosted by Easley Winery down on College and Ohio. It really should have been called a taste of a part of Downtown, because there were a lot of unrepresented places. Still, there were enough for me to eat WAY too much. I had a tamale (chicken) from El Sol. I had.....cookies from Chez Jean. I had.....a mango smoothie from Carribean Spice. I had.....Chili Cheese Etouffee w/ Crawfish from Yats. And two bottles of water and a can of pop. DAMN! No wonder I"m stuffed. I didn't have all this at once, obviously, or I'd be in serious pain. But, over the course of an afternoon, walking back and forth.....turns out I had quite a bit. It was great fun, people were very friendly, and the entertainment was good too. Did I mention that it was hot?

Before that, I swung by the library book sale. Not to buy anything, just to browse.

I ended up buying three books.


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