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Wednesday, August 31

I know

many, many, many people in LA and MS. I know a few in AL. And a few more in FL who are breathing a sigh of relief that it wasn't them this time. (Last year was bad enough!)

The people I've heard from in MS seem to have escaped with minimal damage. Power outages, and a bit of flooding, but nothing like in Biloxi. My sister and dad were just breathing a sigh of relief that this didn't happen when they were there in July.

Still waiting to hear from people in LA and AL.

Living very near the Mississippi River for most of my life, I've seen bad flooding before. Here are some pics from the big flood of 2001 our of minor league ballpark. The first was taken on April 22nd, and the second on April 25th.

But that is nothing like what is going on now. Good Luck to everybody down there!


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