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Friday, August 26

If I waited until I had something interesting to say, I'd never post here. So, random thoughts:

Why does Directv need to come out and "install" my DVR tomorrow? Is it really going to be that big of a deal? Or is it just so they can advertise "Free Installation" as some kind of bonus. I'm fairly tech savvy, at least when it comes to home electronics, and I'm pretty sure I could do it myself.

I ordered the rest of my books from Barrister Books. Why did the UPS person not leave a messange on my door letting me know he'd attempted delivery? And why did they not just leave them at the apartment complex office? Its always hit or miss with UPS. Most of the drivers know the apartment delivery routine, but some don't. They're mostly just the optional things for Property, but I think my Immigration text book was in there, and I would like to have it before class on Tuesday!

I've never bought into the "Republicans are Nazi's" namecalling. But this is still funny.

I can't believe that people are still arguing that BS over on Sapere Aude. You're kidding me, right? People still care?

No Liverpool on TV this weekend. Except this afternoon. 2pm. How can I get out of work.....

IUPUI owes me $891. I'm starting a pool on when you think I might see it. Drop a date in the comments, and the one closest will win a hearty congratulations!


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