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Wednesday, August 17

Its Wednesday

I wish it was Friday. But maybe that's just me.

So far this week:

PPC's mazda miata was a hit and run victim in the WORK PARKING LOT!

I've trekked all the way to Nora for a full day of work, to HVL for a half day of work, and tomorrow Southport for a full day.

I had lunch at Judge's. Sweet.

I've priced my law school books everywhere under the sun.

I've watched a lot of 21 jumpstreet.

I've not watched a lot of baseball.

I've gotten so very irritated with people that I literally stop listening while they are mid sentence.

That last one is horrible, but its true.

Speaking of law school books, I'm one of those weird people who can't work with used books. I did just fine using used books for undergrad, and even some grad school classes, but it is somehow different for law. I know. I've tried. The highlighting distracts me. If there is a lot of highlighting, how do I know what system they used, or even if they used their own system the right way. If only a few, select things are highlighted, is it important? Did they highlight the right things? It drives me crazy, and I spend more time wondering wtf they were thinking instead of doing my own work. So, new books for me. I pay the price, though, which is why I try to find the cheapest place around.

Yeah, I know. Its lame.

I think I need a nap.


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