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Wednesday, August 31


The Sox are getting killed this afternoon! 9-2 and its only the 8th! We've been having a rough couple of series. Not bad, just....rough. Maybe its because I haven't posted any pics lately. You know how superstitious sports fans are. I'll have to find a good one to turn our fortune back around.

On another sports related note (and aren't all my notes sports related?) I'm glad that Purdue alum Kyle Orton was chosen to start for the Bears. After the accident prone Grossman went down, my dad and I were both horrified that Hutchinson was assumed to be the starter. I'm sure Chad is a lovely young man, but he has been less than impressive in his NFL Starts. On the other hand, Grossman showed a lot of potential in the pre-season games. Now, of course, that is in pre-season. It wasn't like he was playing against the starting defenses. And it wasn't like those starting defenses were playing at regular season intensity. Still, I think he deserves a shot.

There has been this trend of rookie players stepping in for their injured stars and doing well. I hope Orton can continue the trend. And with Jeff Blake and Kurt Kittner as backup, I think they just might be all right. It would have been nice to have the Illinois boy (Kittner) get the starting job too, but I have a good feeling about Orton. I do.

Call me crazy.


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