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Thursday, November 3

Once again, I have to tout the amazing-ness of this library system. Tuesday night, in Immigration Law, Prof. Lopez showed us part of a film called Well Founded Fear about asylum officers and political refugees seeking asylum. It was amazing. And I'm sure I wasn't the only one getting all teary eyed.

In the middle of class.

Maybe I was the only one.


So, of course, we didn't have time to see the whole thing. But, at the Central library, there it was, sitting on the shelf. It has NEVER gone out, and yet, our librarians were smart enough to know that even if no one has checked it out, we still need to have it on the shelf. Good for them. Out of the millions and millions of titles that pass across their desks each year, I'm always amazed at how often they pick the RIGHT ones. Don't tell me we don't need subject specialists picking things for our collection. Our library system is going to be less without their expertise.

But, for now, I get to finish watching my video. Yay for me.


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