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Wednesday, November 2


I ordered this book back in September. It appears to be available on Amazon, although the library hasn't gotten its copies just yet. Today, I read a review. Let me just share it with you.

"A bizarre and overwrought first novel, the first in a trilogy, about humans who worship and live side by side with dragons."

Zarq Darquel, daughter of a "dragonwhore" knows as a Djimbi, is a peasaont girl living on the dragon estate Clutch Re. She first learns of her mother's deviant nature during a complex and sexually perverse apprenticeship induction ceremony known as Mombe Taro, and her life is never the same after that. Her sister, Waivia, who sought to become an ebani -- a royal concubine-- but instead becomes a sex slave, is taken far away from Zarq and her mother. Zarq, who then loses her mother to insanity, finds herself with few options and sets off for the dangerous Zone of the Dead and on to other strange places in search of her sister. Cross seems to be trying to make dragons the new vampires. The trouble is that while vampires were once human, dragons would be considered animals, so any sexual tension Cross creates is akin to bestiality, resulting in a truly ridiculous and at times revolting fantasy. The narrative is further bogged down by turgid, faux-archaic prose, with stilted dialogue whose only otherworldly characteristic is the tendency to end sentences with "hey-o"

Wretched drivel of the sort that gives fantasy a bad name."

Well. That's a good review, don't you think? I probably still would have ordered it..... maybe . PW has a much different review (which you can see on amazon's page.) Still....


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