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Sunday, November 27


I drove like a mad woman to get back in time to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with PPC and ML. I didn't make it (even going 90 at times....) but we just went to a later show. Duh. Thank God I didn't get a ticket! Or, you know, die.....

Thanksgiving was lovely. I left early Thursday morning and drove home. Prep was in the final stages by the time I got there at noon (after stopping at Starbucks on the way there.)

Dinner was fantabulous, naturally.

After dinner, there was gambling here. I remember a time when it seemed like I would win money just by stepping onto the boat.

Those days are looooooong gone. But, I only lost $20. Still, that was $20! :o) It was fun, though.

After that, we all went back home and played cards. I fell asleep early (much to the amusement of my cousin) and that was Thursday night.

Friday, I was up early. (again, much to the amusement of my cousin....) and we sat up watching early morning tv until everyone else decided to get up.

Breakfast here before shopping here. I spent so much time in Von Maur that its ridiculous! I still call it Peterson's, though. I can't remember when the name changed. It was quite awhile ago. Von Maur started in Davenport, IA. Its a hometown store. I LOVE it.

Friday afternoon, my two aunts, my uncle, and my cousin went home. They had a very full weekend planned. My cousin was moving, and my uncle was helping him. (Lucky man.) My two aunts were on their way to Minnesota to see another of my cousins. That left me, my sister and my dad and my nephew to our own devices. Our own devices, naturally, involved TV!

My sister and I started watching this movie around 7:30ish while we ate ice cream from here. You can't go to the Quad Cities without stopping here. It just shouldn't be done. I worked here junior and senior year of high school. Great fun. As for the movie........ It wasn't until later that I realized that it wasn't a movie but a mini-series. OOPS! No wonder it wasn't over when I went to be at 12:30! My sister stayed up and watched the whole thing, having been thoroughly sucked in by then. Not me. I went to bed and finished it Saturday morning. Which means I didn't leave on time.....

Which leads me back to being late to see Harry Potter. See how it all comes together?


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