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Wednesday, March 29

New Books

Well, not new. New that I looked at today.


A class act. I watched a little bit of the dvd that was included with this book and it just made me sad. Maybe because of Monday's NPR story, or maybe not. Maybe because it was so early in the morning. Who knows. The book was so/so, actually. There were lots of great pics, and the family narratives were nice. The forward by Brett Favre was a little unnecessary, I thought. I mean, I like Brett (as much as any Bears fan can like a Green Bay Packer that has caused us grief for years upon end!) but there wasn't anyone else who could have written that foreward? Ditka? McMahon? Willie Gault? Mike Singletary? Gale Sayers? No one? Come on. I get it that they're both from Mississippi and that's nice. Still. So what?

The Dvd is really the best part. NFL films always does an awesome job on things like this. I'm thinking about buying this book for my dad for Father's Day just to get him this dvd. Lots of footage. Lots of interviews. Lots of memories. Great fun. But sad, as I said.

Overheard in New York

I didn't read this entire book at work, obviously, but I read a bit of it. It was still hilarious. A lot of them I had already read on the web site, but.....the fun in this book is passing it on to those who had never seen it before. I got two new readers for this book (and the web site) just from passing it around to a few people.


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