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Thursday, March 16

Sunday --- You Gotta Be Kidding Me

So, Sunday started off lovely. The sun was shining, which was a definite improvement from the day before.

And we discovered the trolley! The trolley is a wonderful invention where, for five bucks, you can ride up and down the strip in style. Well, maybe not style. Sitting down was good, though, and it was only five bucks!

We went to Paris for brunch......which was very good. But, four hours later, I was more than ready to go.

Its a beautiful day out, sun is shining, and the other two people want to sit on their ass in a restaurant for four hours.

Four hours. Four hours of seeing hotels? Wasted. Four hours of gambling? Not happening. Four hours of seeing anything? Nope. Four hours of eating? Not hardly. An hour, hour and a half, tops was spent eating. Everything else was spent sitting on our ass in a damn restaurant.

You have GOT to be kidding me.

We finally leave Paris travel up to the Hilton where there is a Barry Manilow store. An entire store.

You gotta be kidding me! Manilow playing cards, lunch boxes, action figures.....egads.

Walked from the Hilton to the Stratosphere where, guess what? We spent another two hours (or more) SITTING!!!

Say it with me now: YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME?! Now, I'm starting to get pissed. I pay the money to come all the way to Vegas to sit on the second level of the stratosphere, on a mall bench, and watch everyone else live their life?! What the fuck is that about? This is your idea of a good time. Needless to say, I will not be traveling with these two ever again. But, that is hardly a comfort to me while I'm hearing my dollars tick away doing absolutely nothing. I could have saved that money and gone to Castleton if all I wanted to do was sit and watch people walk around a bunch of cheap ass shops.

Finally, we leave the Stratosphere. And no, we didn't go to the top. That would have been too much like right. By this time, I'm plenty pissed off. So, when we get to the Bellagio to watch the water show, I take off. Its probably around 8ish, and its been a day wasted. I still have some time to see some things before I'm completely exhausted. I hit Barbary Coast (loved it!) Bally's (s'alright.) Treasure Island (interesting) Mandalay Bay (sweet) before heading back to my hotel.

I was hungry, so I went into the all night cafe and some guy named Jesse bought my dinner. (Crab Cakes and Cheesecake. Yum.) Then, I was up all night walking around the Casino, playing and watching. Some guy was winning big on the craps table, lucky bastard. I checked out the Poker room, that was cool. I played slots. I went up to the room at 6ish, when my eyelids would stay open no longer.

that's what I'm talking about, baby.


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