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Wednesday, April 5

I love

the fact that when I check my checking or savings account online now, there hasn't been the mysterious "fee" deducted for no damn reason. I haven't hit the ATM and I haven't written any checks this week. My account has the SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY as the last time I did either of those things.

When I was with National City, that was never guaranteed to happen.

This is delicious!

I also love the new expression I stole from Unnamed Source: The pot calling the kettle cocksucker.

I'm sorry, that is the best expression since KP's "poop the crate." It might even be BETTER (because you know how I love the word cocksucker!) Hilarious. If he wasn't dating the lovely Heather, I'd ask him to marry me.


I love Chuck. I do. He cracks me up. Chuck and Chocolate. Not necessarily in that order. Thanks for emailing me. I'll never look at chocolate the same way again.

I love seeing everyone's face light up when I bring treats in the morning. Today is was scones from Illinois St. Food Emporium. It was great. There have been a lot of bad library vibes lately, so it was nice to see everyone standing around their cubes, eating scones, and enjoying the morning.

I love George Pelecanos. No, seriously. I know I've mentioned him before, but seriously. Love him. Go read King Suckerman, The Sweet Forever, or the heartbreaking Shame the Devil. Or, the Derek Strange/Terry Quinn Trilogy which are my favorites. Yes, he really is that good. Or, listen to an interview with Pelecanos here (March 25. Works best if you download the whole podcast. The interview starts about halfway through.) Plus, added bonus, he's got a very sexy voice. I really can't say enough about him. He's great.

I love Mexican food. And, thanks to reading Brian's blog, I have to go hunt some up for lunch today. Thanks for that, Brian.

I love that I missed most of country night on AI last night, but caught all of The Unit. There is some justice there.

Carry on!


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