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Sunday, April 2

Let's see:

Game 1 of the season......currently in a rain delay.

Sirens have gone off twice. Channel 13 cut off the previews of next week's West Wing for storm coverage.

Free lunch today at Boston Market. Because of the time change, they said. That was cool.

My new Shape magazine came today. Eva Longoria is on the cover. Bitch.

Chicometrics is NO JOKE.

I'm actually ahead in my property reading for this week. how that happened is anyone's guess.

Speaking of law school.....I forgot to register for classes on Friday. Well, I take that back. I did register on Friday, I just forgot to register at the appointed time. I'm pretty sure 9pm was not the appointed time.

I didn't do too badly, though. I got two of the the classes that I had intended to take anyway: Employment Discrimination & Copyright.

But I wanted to take Evidence. It was full, and I'm #39 on the waiting list. Doesn't look good. And, I won't say I REFUSE to take it with anyone than this this professor but......basically......I refuse to take it.......well, you get the picture. So, if I don't get in for the fall, I'll be taking it during the day, I suppose. Or I'll wait until he teaches it at night again. I know I'm being silly about this, but that's life. I want what I want.

The bigger problem is finding a replacement class. Right now, it looks like it might be Secured Transactions? Sales? I don't know.

Still in a rain delay. Its good, though, because Cleveland was on a little bit of a roll heading into it. They needed a little cooling off! Damn, now Ozzie Guillen even controls the weather! Its good to be king, eh?


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