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Woman's virtue is man's greatest invention --- Cornelia Otis Skinner

Thursday, March 30


A great word, but when I heard this guy say it today it completely creeped me out.

He wasn't saying it to me (thank God!) but still. It could be that I don't particularly have a liking for the guy anyway, but it was still just gave me the heebie jeebies.

Anyway, speaking of said annoying man.....

So, we're in the staff lounge. Its quiet in there, and most people are reading. The talkers go to lunch early, between 11:30-1 usually. Talk. Talk. Talk. Social hour. Its good stuff. After 1, the talkers have gone back to work, and the readers go to lunch. I don't know why it works out this way, it just does. So, I had some Entertainment Law to finish up today, and decided to go upstairs.

Its quiet. About four people up there, all of them with their nose in a book. Perfect. No one chatting me up while I'm trying to read about television syndication and the FCC!

Wait. Except for (Not) Yummy Man talking loudly on his cell phone. Dude! Its quiet as a whore in church, and you're making a bunch of noise on your cell phone talking about something was yummy! SHUT THE FUCK UP!

I'm not hating on people using their cell phones. I'm not. Really. I use mine all the time. But, I do try and be considerate of other people around me. If EVERYONE is quiet, I go somewhere else to talk. Is that oversensitive? No one has ever accused me of THAT before!


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