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Thursday, May 11

ai (yi yi)

no more hotness on idol. chris has left the building. although, honestly, elliott gets cuter to me every week. must be his voice or something.

i honestly can't remember much about tuesday night because it was all elvis, and he's not my fave.

but....i do know that the two songs that i particularly love (suspicious minds and a little less coversation) were both done by chris. suspicious minds was okay. a little less conversation was awesome.

he was kicked off anyway. probably because i didn't vote.

and if i had voted, i probably would have voted for elliott so it wouldn't have helped chris.

but he was still better than mcphee.

of course, i'm biased becuase i DETEST that "can't help falling in love" BS that she sang. I've hate the elvis version. I hate the version they did on Some Kind of Wonderful..... its right up there with unchained melody (and celebration) for absolute worst song. Evah.


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