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Thursday, May 11

Give me a break

Papa Wants A Brand New Bag (from SBD via LA Times)

Men And Women To Get Tote
Bag At Mother's Day Angels Game

While it may seem strange and petty, a class-action lawsuit filed against the Angels over a Mother’s Day promotion should catch the eye of sports franchises across the country. Psychologist Michael Cohn is claiming that men and younger fans were discriminated against last May when the Angels offered a tote bag only to women 18 and older. The case could have major ramifications for teams running these types of promotions, which are often a key driver of attendance

Okay, here is my take on this: Everyone likes to get free stuff. Sometimes, ballparks give away things that are sponsored by beer (imagine that) and its restricted to people legally old enough to drink. So, my question here is, what's the big deal? You're coming to the ball park to get free shit or you're coming to see the game? You paid for the game, you got a game.

What do ya'll think?


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