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Wednesday, June 21

Darn the luck!

Even though its considered a big honor to be called upon to help take your country to glory in the World Cup, I can see why league clubs cringe to hear their stars are going off for International play. Injuries happen.....and its a bitch.

Yesterday, I think I heard Newcastle's collective gasp all the way on this side of the Atlantic, when Michael Owen crawled off the pitch inside the first few minutes of the England-Sweden match. When they replayed the injury (as American tv LOVES to do) you could see that it was just. not. good. You hope for the best, of course, but.....well, it looked ugly.

Today, the results are in. ACL. Ouch. Ouch of Michael Owen, of course, but also ouch for Newcastle United. After breaking his foot midway through last season, this is likely to set him back again for league play. Sure, its a financial loss, but Newcastle needed something to be excited about for the upcoming season. They finished mid-table in May, but Owen was getting healthy. Things were looking up. Things are not looking quite so good right about now.

Here's hoping for a full and speedy recovery.


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