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Woman's virtue is man's greatest invention --- Cornelia Otis Skinner

Monday, June 19

Color. Me. Sleep. Deprived.

And I don't really have a good excuse! For some reason, was up until 2am. 2. Knowing I had to work in the morning, knowing I had homework to finish before Tuesday.......and not doing it. Knowing all of that, I was still up until 2. Well, let me rephrase that. I went to bed at 2. This is what I remember:

Turn on tv
basketball in overtime. quick, hit the tivo
Simon & Simon, ahhhh relief.

Somewhere between relief and 2am I think I fell asleep.

And if I was asleep for those two hours, why am I tired now? Its all a big mystery. I was so tired today, though, I forgot to bring my lunch to work. That sucks.

I probably would have stayed home today but I have a meeting that should be rather fun. Fun meetings don't happen very often so I try not to miss the opportunities when they come around.

But damn. I'm tired.


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