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Sunday, June 18


Its Father's Day.

I spent the weekend in Illinois doing stuff with......well, my father. We were in Chi-burbia visiting my sister, and some friends of my Dad. My sister lives on the far northwest suburbs, and my dad's friends all live South. So, I spent a good deal of this weekend in a car.

Cars are convenient little buggers, but they can be annoying as FUCK when you're sitting in one all day. I'm just saying. was one of those annoying days.

But, once I got there I didn't have to drive anymore so that means I got time to work on my Riding Shotgun book. I've been to Chicago a million times but I've never taken pictures there. Its amazing what you see when you're looking for something to snap. I had fun with my camera. I annoyed everyone else, but I had fun. Please, lets focus on the important.......

Sunday (today) went to the House of Blues gospel brunch. A ton of people, really good food. I'm not sure it really balanced out.....I would have preferred less people.....but it was nice. Dad had a good time, and its his day, so I suppose that's the important thing.

How much baseball did I watch this weekend? None. I was interested in the Sox (of course) and in the Cubs-Tigers series, but it just didn't happen.

How much soccer did I watch this weekend? I saw the Japan-Croatia match. I even made my dad and sister suffer through the first half. They were only too happy for half time, though, so they could make their escape. Or, I made my escape into another room, and they changed the channel. It was best for all parties concerned. I was really bummed about missing the USA-Italy match.....until I remembered that I Tivo'd the damn thing. Yippee.

I really did miss my Sox, though. And I kept missing them on the radio. I had game times all screwed up, I think. And my sister absolutely refuses to listen to baseball on the radio......unless its post-season.....and I cry. Other than that, I can forget it. She has to sympathy for sports addicts. Its sad, really, the lack of sympathy. I know she was taught better than that. I can make no excuses for her. She's just a bad apple. :o)

And please.....let's not talk about the drive home tonight. In the pouring rain. Pouring. But, I'm home and thankful so I suppose I should just get over it.

And there is some bullshit on ABC tonight. Jesus, when are these damn NBA finals over?! This is why we need the ability to program our own channels. Other than that, life is good.

Hope all the dads had a good Father's Day.


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