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Wednesday, July 19


Showtime's latest offering. The reviews are here I've seen the first episode and something about it bothered me. I couldn't figure out what. I still am not exactly sure what, but I'll say this: for a good show, with good writing, great acting and an interesting theme and setting (Rhode Island of all places) something about it was just not......right.

I hate to say its too much like Sopranos, but I think that might be part of it. It is VERY much like the Sopranos. The tone of it, the darkness of it.....its a very dark show. Usually, I get into that. That's drama, baby! But, you know, there has to be a reason to keep watching. It can't be so predictable that I sit there and think "Okay, which one is having the affair? Great. Now, what's the next political/marriage/small town/ stereotype we can tackle?"

And they tackled them all. They threw it off a little: the wife was cheating, instead of the husband. But its predictable. I wasn't surprised. If I know what's coming, why am I watching?

I certainly won't try to keep you from watching if you're so inclined. As for me, I think I'm giving the rest of this series a pass.


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