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Monday, July 24

Stupid and Contagious

Guess what? I didn't like it. I know, I know. I'm so far in the minority on this my vote isn't even registering. I went to Amazon, to check out the reviews, and everyone loves this book. Everyone. I searched through some book reviews and even the usually super harsh Kirkus could only muster a bit of bitchiness towards this title.

Here is my problem: I hated the main character, Heaven. No, really. I didn't find her cute or quirky or charming. I found her fucking annoying. Truly. And when she is half the book, that makes it very difficult to read. I liked Brady a lot more, but not enough to make up for how much I hated the chick. He seemed to be a crazy chick magnet and that's not a good thing.

I did read the end, and thought that was cute. I liked all the pop culture references in it. I laughed. I did. But, none of that was enough for me. This is what Kirkus said that resonated with me:

With a title taken from a Nirvana song and Brady's fixation with obscure bands and even more obscure snack foods, Crane's basic boy-meets-girl story is at times a bit too enamored of its own caffeine-fueled pop-culture cred.



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