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Sunday, September 3

8 to 80, blind, crippled and crazy

I have never laughed so hard in all my life. Its true, there is a direct association between how funny things are and how late it is (or early it is) in the morning. Things are intensely funny at 2. Still, my silly cousins had me in tears all night.

No, really. They're crazy. This title is a line from one of my cousins on how he likes his women. Its true, he's kind of like a pied piper when it comes to chicks. Some guys are a chick magnet, I don't think the word is invented for what David does to women.

I wish he didn't take the blind, crippeled and crazy part quite so literally........

Anyway, the wedding was beautiful.....and I forgot my camera. I'm so ticked off. What the hell is the point of buying a camera if you forget it at home. Second best line of the day was Tiffany (the bride) saying after the kiss "I got him now." LOL!

They have known each other since pre-school so I suppose it must seem like its been a long time. They weren't high school sweethearts. They weren't college sweethearts. But, isn't it funny how these things turn out? As the best man said "Shaun had to go all the way around the country to come home and find his wife."

Maybe I'll take pictures at the post-festivities cookout. ........


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