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Wednesday, September 27

Huh, I never thought of it quite like that

From an interview with Walter Mosley in the Toledo Blade

Walter Mosley was 13 when the 1965 Watts riots jolted Los Angeles. Ask him how America’s attitudes on race have changed since then, and he torpedoes a response.

“Race hasn’t changed. If it had, we wouldn’t be fighting a war against a country that hasn’t done anything to us: Iraq. But we’re fighting it because we think they look like the people we think are our enemies. That’s why the people of the United States have allowed this war to go on. It’d be like if a French terrorist blew up something in America and we declared war on Sweden. Everybody would say ‘Why are we declaring war on Sweden, they’re not French?’”

You know, I never thought of it quite like that. I like the analogy, though.

The whole article is good. We brought Walter Mosley in for the library a few years ago and he was a very wonderful person.


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