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Tuesday, October 10

no va

So I get in my car this morning and nothing happens. Well, that's not exactly true. The lights come on, the dash lights up, the engine is still sleeping. No clicking noise. No engine noise. Nothing.



So, I call roadside service, and then hang out for an hour before they come and tow it away. But wait.....the tow guy gets in, and starts it right up!

Oh HELL no!

But, not knowing what the hell was going on (and because it was very very free) we towed it in anyway. I think the tow truck guy just wanted to give me a ride to the Saturn dealership. :o) He was very nice.

Anyway, so I hang around there for about two hours to find out something was wrong with the ignition switch. Something to do with faulty codes, cold air, and gel. I kid you not. Anyway, it seems to work fine now......and I'm definitely glad it happened Tuesday before work and not Tuesday after class.


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