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Wednesday, October 4

I only have time for quickies!

Beautiful. They're called "fiery opals" which says more about their personality, I think, than their color. If those stupid diamonds weren't in the way, they would be perfect earrings. I'm not hater of diamonds, but there is a time and a place. It makes the earrings look both fake and a little fugly. Still, I'm mesmerized by the color...... is one of my favorite online jewelry stores. I've done a little bit of business with them and haven't been disappointed yet.

Also, I notice that there have been links to Deep Discount DVD popping up in the comments box. I have no idea how they got there, but they must have a deal with Haloscan because I've seen the ad in many comment boxes, not just mine. Anyway, I can whole heartedly, and enthusiastically, recommend shopping with them. If you're a DVD buyer, they are the best place to shop for new DVDs. They certainly aren't going to compare with Ebay or anything for good quality used stuff, but for brand new things, they are awesome. I've done a TON of business with them (which is why I'm always so poor......) and I love them. Never had a problem. Always gotten stuff right on time, if not sooner. Always perfect condition. I can't say enough good things about them. Cheap prices (relatively) and no shipping charges. In fact, I impulse bought the Buffy boxed set from Circuit City and when I checked Deep Discount, I was nearly sick to my stomach after seeing it was around $60 cheaper there. No more impulse buying!

Busy day today. Class in an hour, and then back to work, and then off to Glendale for a meeting and then back to class! At least I think we're hitting Broad Ripple India Garden for lunch today. That is always a day brightener!

Another day brightener was Stephen King ripping Nancy Grace to shreds in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly. I looked around for a link to the column, but I couldn't find one so there you go. Maybe once the next issue comes out they'll provide a link to this one. At any rate, he goes to town and I agree with him completely. If there is a more shrill, ridiculous caricature on tv these days (besides Hannity or Tucker Carlson) then I have no idea who it might be. She is hideous. A perfect column to start off the month of October.

Oh yeah, and your Indianapolis Marion County Public Library has a new web page starting today. Check it out and, as always, love to hear your comments.


  • At 2:24 PM , Blogger Emily Boas said...

    At the point when Harry Met Sally" is one of my alltime most loved motion pictures. Actually, with today's stormy climate, I'm somewhat desiring it once more! hehe.


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