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Wednesday, November 15

The Beauty Buyble

Sometimes, we buy books and we don't know they come with props! We ordered several of this book, and they each come with a box and samples! Yes! I've been having a fantastic time trying lots of things I've never heard of, and other things I've never bought.

So far, I love:

Chupa Chups Watermelon flavored lip balm. I'm usually not a big fan of the watermelon flavored anything, but this tastes like candy so I like it.

Selona whipped body butter Honestly, I don't know who came up with the concept up "body butter" and I don't know why it's better than lotion. But, I love this stuff.

Nivea Soft: could possibly be the best lotion ever. But, it has competition.

Yu-Be: I've never even HEARD of this lotion, but it is awesome. No, it really is. We got a little tube of it, and I'm already rationing the shit out. I LOVE it.

I thought this was okay:

Pencil & Pout: Its lip "color" and a lip liner. It's cute, definitely, but probably the wrong color for me. I like the idea, but, really, probably for someone more interested in looking good than I am.

Scaring me to death:

Plump Lips: this stuff is crazy. I put it on and I was like.....okay? It tingled, definitely. And then, about twenty minutes later, my top lip started burning. Maybe it was growing. It didn't burn a lot, but it was definitely more than a tingle. People do this willingly? Amy comes into my cube and tells me that Glamour said that stuff burns. NOW she tells me. :o) Won't be buying this.

Waiting to try:

Jellybath: it says "Find your Happy" on the package. I'm always on the lookout for some happy. Plus, I love their website.

Lip Mints: WTF?! I guess we'll just have to see.

Borba: I had no idea stuff like this even existed.

Three different types of Vitabath, something I never bought before. Two eyeliners and a lip liner by Cat Cosmetics, headed by none other than Mrs. Tad Martin (for you AMC fans)

Ah.. I love free stuff!


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