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Saturday, November 4

Vanity Schedule

I should be ashamed of myself, really. Although, I must say, registering at 8am ROCKS MY WORLD. In fact, they were handing out mimosas and welcoming me to the front of the line. Sweet! So THAT is how the upperclassmen live, eh?

Anyway, what did I do with all of this new found registration power?

Sports law -- my only day class, and its semi day. 2ish-4ish, one day a week. Sweet. I'll only have 2 hours a day to make up instead of five hours a day. I may get my Saturdays back! (this is cause of rejoicing.)

Trusts & Estates -- Wed/Fri.

IP: Right of Publicity (yes, I really am interested in non-patent IP law so it isn't REALLY a vanity class.....except it is.) -- Tues

Advanced Torts -- Thurs night. I'm wondering just what this will be......

Anyway, its only 9 hours. 9. No class on Mondays. Its only 1 hour short of my regular schedule, but I still feel slacker-ific. I could have taken a 2 hour Monday class, going slightly over, instead of being slightly under. But, five classes means five finals? No way. So, I'm a slacker. Still, I'm happy with my schedule. I finally get my Sports Law class. I get more IP stuff, I have a "practical" course and maybe 2 "practical" courses, depending on what Torts ends up being. Not too bad, I guess.


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