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Thursday, November 2

So, what have I been doing?

Not really much of anything. Reading for Evidence. Reading for Employment Discrimination and Reading for Copyright. This is probably the first semester where I love all three of my classes. Yep, I do. Love 'em.

Thinking about what classes to take. Commercial Paper, Trusts & Estates both offered Wed-Friday at night. That kinda makes life difficult. I think I have my schedule set. My experiment with day classes went okay. I would do it again, although it does make things difficult and working every Saturday to make up the time wasn't a picnic. We pick classes tomorrow, we'll see how it shakes out.

Watching TV.

Season 5 Hasn't quite made its way over here yet, but the Internet is a beautiful thing. A&E airs(aired?) the show here in the States, but I have no idea if its back, or what. Its on DVD. Best show ever. No, seriously. Better than my beloved 24. Yes, its really that good. Very thinky.

Brand New: Again, the Internet is a beautiful thing. I've seen the first two episodes, but I'm not all that excited about it. I've never been a Robin Hood fan, though, so its a wonder I liked it at all. I do like him...... I think that might be a little beside the point.

Can't wait for: So that's what happened to Sharon Gless? She went to England? Huh. Who knew. Anyway, this looks very interesting. The game is pretty cool too.

And of course there is always: Hustle. Love it.

What have ya'll been up to?


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