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Thursday, November 9

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Today-- I won $252 bucks on scratch off tickets. I spent about $15 getting the tickets, so not a bad score. Combine that with a $20 ticket I haven't cashed in yet, that is $272! Sweet. AND, we got out of Evidence a HALF HOUR early. (those of you who know can appreciate how crazy unbelieveable that is.)

Tomorrow -- shitty in-service day. It is good that I can see bunches of people that I never see. I like that part. It'll also be the end of a long week, and I'm actually looking forward to going in to work on Saturday to work in blissful silence. Oh yeah, its also my birthday....and I'm getting free lunch. Two good things outweight the bad. Of course, if I could have waited just 1 hour and 5 minutes, I could have been born on Veteran's Day. (those of you who know me are not surprised that I couldn't wait......)

Saturday -- Veteran's Day. I'm sure everyone knows a veteran. I know many. There is (at least) one who is a frequent poster on this blog, as a matter of fact. My dad is one. (Korea) Four uncles (WWII) a couple cousins (Vietnam) and I have a cousin currently in Iraq. I have often said, and I know I'm at odds with everyone else on Earth, that one year of service to the country should be mandatory for everyone in this country. Civilian service or military. One year is nothing compared to the fact we get to sit on our fat asses and soak up every benefit we seem to think we're entitled to just because we were born here and not somewhere else. But, that's a conversation for another day. Anyway, thanks to all the vets. Past, present and future.


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