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Saturday, December 9

Do Over

I had said (to myself) at the beginning of the day if I get done outlining for Evidence I'll go to see Blood Diamond on Sunday.

HA! Well, that obviously didn't happen. I kept getting sidetracked. So, no movie for me tomorrow.

BUT, I did get to watch the 6th and final episode of the series The State Within. Wow. It was well worth the wait for six weeks. It comes out on DVD here in the states in Feb. and I can't suggest highly enough that you get ahold of it and check it out. It is fantastic.

Which made me decide to take a second look at Brotherhood. I may have mentioned this show earlier this summer when it premiered on Showtime. I wasn't crazy about the first episode. It was too much of a Sopranos rip off for me. But, I liked Jason Isaacs so much on The State Within, (and let's not even talk about him as Lucius Malfoy....) that I'm going to give Brotherhood another try. He was the only character on the show that I liked in the first episode, so at least I'm consistent. And his character on Brotherhood is soooo completely different than on The State Within, that it'll be like watching a different person. We'll see if it makes me like the show any better.

And I will finish my outline tomorrow. And make it to Half Price Books to buy a Christmas present. And make it to Kroger to buy sour cream......sigh.


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