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Friday, September 14

the moment you've all been waiting for

Or, you know, maybe not. Fall TV. I used to look forward to the new TV season so much more. I've missed out on all sorts of good things over the past three years. Heroes, Lost, Ugly Betty....I could go on. But, with some creative use of Tivo, I think I can swing it. Besides, if history if any judge, at least half of the shows I like won't make it the full season.

So, what am I watching this season? Three of my new favorite actors (Kevin McKidd, Damian Lewis, Jimmy Smits) are coming to a small screen near me this fall.

Journeyman. I'm a SF geek, so this one is no surprise. Add Kevin McKidd and Reed Diamond (best known from Homicide: Life on the Streets) and I'm more excited.

I'm interested in K*Ville......but I don't know if I can sustain the interest. Anthony Anderson was flat out perfection on his stint with The Shield. That is enough to make me Tivo it at least once. Cole Hauser is an interesting actor. I liked him best in Pitch Black. I'm not sure how much of this I'll watch. I'm hopeful, but not optimistic.

The Unit is a given. I LOVE that show. Love it.

Jimmy Smits in Cane is also a given. And Rita Moreno? Back on TV? I haven't been this excited about a show with a majority Latino cast since Resurrection Blvd.

And, while I like the Geico Cavemen commercials........yeah, I don't think so. An entire show? Not for me.

Criminal Minds -- Even though Mandy Patinkin is leaving (darn him) Shemar Moore isn't. And, yes, the Tivo will be working overtime because Gordon Ramsay's kitchen nightmares is not to be missed.

I'm curious about Private Practice, the Grey's Anatomy spinoff. Okay, I'm curious about Taye Diggs in Private Practice, the Grey's Anatomy spinoff. You people never let me get away with nothin! Yet, its on at the same time as two other things I'm already setting the Tivo for. That means I would have to use real, live, videotape......I'm not sure. I'll wait and see how the buzz is before I go that route.

Life. I'll watch Damian Lewis in anything. No, really, this is true. The premise sounds good, and I'm a sucker for cop shows, but.....well, I'll watch Damian Lewis in anything. Adam Arkin only sweetens the deal. That reminds me: KP, if you haven't seen Forsyte Saga, you will LOVE it. Promise

CSI:NY. I adore this show. I didn't watch it faithfully, but I liked it every time I did watch it. Hill Harper. That's all I'm saying.

I used to be such a Smallville fan. Now, I could care less. Won't be watching it.
Absolutely won't be watching Survivor. Haven't watched a show yet, won't be starting now.
I've seen a few eps of My Name is Earl, and I think its funny.....but I won't be watching that either.
I may watch Scrubs, but I almost prefer to watch the whole season on DVD instead of week to week. We'll see.
No CSI, No, Grey's Anatomy, No ER, No Without a Trace.

Thursday may be the only day I don't watch TV!

I'm still on the fence about Big Shots. I haven't seen a single ad for this show, so I haven't been able to get any kind of a feel for it. So far its just: The Guy from Alias, The Guy from The Practice, the Guy from West Wing and The Guy from Titus. IMDB says The Guy from The Dresden Files is also going to be joining the cast. That might be enough for me to at least check out a few episodes. I can't even tell you what its about!

Usually, wherever there is a vampire show, I'm there to watch it. I'm not so sure about Moonlight.

Stargate Atlantis -- I really don't like this show. I've tried. Over and Over again I've tried. I can't even tell you why I don't like it. It doesn't make any sense because Stargate was one of my favorite shows. But, I'm giving this a try. Again. Like I do every new season. Maybe some of the Stargate writers have taken over. Amanda Tapping is joining the cast.....Hope springs eternal.

What are ya'll watching this Fall?


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