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Friday, September 7

thoughts I've had today

I need my own office. This is a thought I have everyday, but just thought I'd mention it.

Tomorrow is the last day for Interim Central. I did come to love that place.

I know more people who work at 10 W. Market St. than I thought possible. Is this like THE building to work in?

It is cold in here. I'm turning on my heater.

1.5 more hours, and then I am OUT of here for the day!

Thank God I won't have to drive around for an hour tonight looking for a place to park in the lot that I paid for. (this thought leads to ranting, so I'm cutting it off right now)

I absolutely love ALL of my classes this semester. And whoever told me to take Civil Rights (Chuck? KP?) I sincerely thank you.

Baseball season is both winding down (for the Sox) and winding up (for the playoffs). Yay.

Fantasy Football is underway. It was lots of fun last year mainly because I knew the participants in our least some of them. It's funny how I can go from completely not interested to big fan of something just by knowing the people involved. Friendly Wagers never hurt either.....isn't that right, Sean?

18 days until Alaska! I need to buy a coat......

2 hours until Cheesecake Factory......


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