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Saturday, August 11

Saturday goings on

When I moved here, the place looked empty. No, seriously, it did. Now, I have so much crap I'm desperately trying to find a way to re-arrange things. I'm thinking that might take me most of the day! Some things may just have to go away I dunno.

Laundry also needs to be done.

And I DESPERATELY need to go to the grocery store. This really should be moved to the top. I have hardly any food. I tell you, having too much time has really been detrimental to me. I never let my freezer or fridge get this bare when I was pressed for time. This summer has been all about tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

I need to go look for a pair of black shoes.

EPL starts today. This is kind of the meeting point for my three favorite sports, soccer, baseball and football. A little early for football yet, but ya'll know what I'm getting at. Now if only EPL was in high def.....Then we'd be in business!


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