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Monday, August 20

Good Morning Party People

Has it been a week? Really? Huh.

As you might imagine, not much going on over here. I was in Chicago over the weekend and that was fun. I didn't go to the Cubs game, but I was riding down Addison and it was crazy..... hours before and after the game even started. My sister tried to get me to get out and buy a shirt, but I'm reasonably sure she was just kidding.

She knows how I hate the Cubs.

Shopping downtown is great, and I also got to eat at one of my favorite places. Perfecly casual with delicious food. Nothing else will do on a Saturday spent shopping.

Sunday I spent at Ohare. Yes, nearly all day. Delays and Cancellations due to rain made for a very long day. But, I did get some Labor Law read, so it wasn't totally wasted. And, I got on my standby flight, instead of having to wait for the later flight, so that was good news as well. Spent the 40 minute ride talking to a guy from Purdue who was a big movie/tv fan. Great fun.

Spent too much money, but that was to be expected.

How was your weekend?


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