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Saturday, October 13

Thanks, Jen!

My friend Jen dropped a little quiz knowledge on Myspace. I had to reproduce it over here.

Halloween Survey

Ghosts or Goblins: Ghosts

Zombies or Vampires: Vamps. Zombies are always dropping body's gross.

Witches or Hags: Why is this mutually exclusive? Witches.

Werewolves or Frankenstein: Werewolves. I never got into Frankenstein. A flaw in my character, I'm sure.

Black cats or bats: Cats.

Trick or Treat: Treat, baby.

Candy Corn or Caramel Apples: Yes!

Pumpkins or Squash: Pumpkin

Orange or Purple lights: Both

Toads or Spiders: Ick!

Lanterns or Lit Pumpkins: dammit! Both!

Skeletons or Mummies: Mummies

Halloween Questions

Do you like to dress up for Halloween? Not so much anymore.

What were you for last year for Halloween? Law student.

What are you going to be this year? Law students! (I'm stuck in a rut.) Jen's answer was: Amy Winehouse, and I would give ANYTHING to see that!

Favorite costume you have ever worn? You know.....I honestly can't remember. I was never anything cool.

How do you spend your Halloween? Working and then going to school.

Are you or are you not going trick or treating this year? Nope. Sadly.

Did or do you pull Halloween pranks? Nah. Treat, baby!

Do you believe in ghosts? Absolutely!

Are you superstitious? Probably.

Do you like caramel popcorn? I'm pretty choosy about my caramel corn.

Have you ever been on a hayride? I'm from the midwest! Of course I have.

Do you decorate your home for Halloween? Not unless I'm having a party.

Have you ever been to a Haunted House? Yep.

Have you ever attended a Halloween party? Yep.

Do you watch scary movies on Halloween? Sometimes.

Have you ever had candy stolen from you? Not that I know of.

Did you ever steal anyone's candy? No. (See previous answer about superstitions....)

Has anyone ever gotten hurt due to your prank? No.

Have you ever dressed as a witch/warlock? Probably.

Are your parents into Halloween? Nope.

What do you believe is the most common Halloween costume? Probably some form of ghost.

Do you have a tradition for Halloween day? Nope.

Do you know someone who was born on Halloween? For some reason, I think there was a girl in college who was born on Halloween. I can't remember for sure, though.

Have you ever:

Passed out candy? Yes.

Bobbed for Apples? Yes.

Hosted a Halloween party? Yes.

Attended a Halloween party? Yes.

Made pumpkin pie? Yes.

Raked leaves? Yes

Watched the Travel Channel with the Halloween specials? Not on Halloween. I just watched one last night, though.

Have you seen?

Amityville Horror? Yes.

Last House on the Left? Never even HEARD of this!

House of Wax? No. But I Have seen Waxwork!

Halloween? Yes.

The Exorcist? Yes.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Yep.

Pumpkinhead? No.

The Sixth Sense? Yes.

Practical Magic? Yes

The Munsters? Yes

The Adams Family? Yes

Elvira? Yes

The Lost Boys? We can't even talk about how many times.....

Contact? Partially

Hocus Pocus? Yes.


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