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Saturday, October 6

Hilarity from the Overheard in New York webpage

Women Don't Care How They Look to Men

Black guy: Why would a young black girl dye her hair blonde? Looks terrible, y'know.
Whitey: Um, yeah. Bad idea.
Black guy: Bitch looked like a burnt grilled cheese sandwich.

--One Penn Plaza


First runner up:

Oooh, My First Rude New Yorker!

Suit: Hey, do you have a light?
Polite Englishman: Sorry, I don't smoke.
Suit: I asked for a light, not your fucking life story.

--Times Square

Overheard by: English, not polite


Second runner up:
Isn't That Queer?

British art guy: You know what I love about Americans?
American art guy: What's that?
British art guy: When I say the word 'fag,' they think I'm talking about smoking and not being homophobic. Even if I say, 'I want to ass-fuck that fag,' I can get away with it because I'm British.


(not with me you can't! I politely correct people. :o) such a killjoy....)


Seriously Un-PC, but damned funny!

Someone's Getting the Teeth Tonight

Girl: ... And then I was like--
Guy, exhausted after 10 minutes of her chattering: --Are you on your knees?
Girl: What? No.
Guy: Then shut your mouth.

--A train

Overheard by: thinking the same


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