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Friday, October 5

Long overdue CD review #1

I guess since no one cares expects them they aren't overdue.

I'm a big Deborah Cox fan, but you know what? I'm not crazy about her "greatest hits" cd. There are a couple of things I find incredibly annoying about GH cds in general.

1. Don't put new songs on your greatest hits cd. Just don't do it. Why? Because it is your GREATEST HITS.

2. Don't do shitty remixes of your greatest hits. Or, 2a: if you MUST do a remix of a greatest hit, put the radio version on the cd as well. Why? Because it is your GREATEST HITS!

This isn't that hard, but she violates both of these rules. I don't know, maybe people like that. But, I honestly think a greatest hits cd would sell MORE if it was what people expected it to be. Am I wrong about that? I must be since more people violate the rules than not.

The CD is okay. I like her voice. I like her songs. I don't like that she did a remix of "Nobody's supposed to be here" and didn't put the original edit on. She didn't ask me. If she had, I would have told her not to do that. If you like Deborah Cox, I would give it a listen.


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