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Saturday, September 15

Not so much

There are lots of jokes about law students......most of them are somewhat true. But, I'd never had an experience quite like this before.

We were sitting in the caf, talking about classes, when someone brought up the topic of exams. Kind of strange to be talking about exams in September, but whatever. This person, nice as can be, was talking about last semester when he ran across a group of 1Ls who were studying in that same cafeteria, and how he had to "set them straight" about whatever Torts they were doing. This led into a lengthy conversation amongst the group about, essentially, butting into conversations and study groups that didn't concern them because they had SO much more knowledge than those 1Ls. This also merged into a conversation about the elements of intentional torts.

I've never gotten up and walked completely away from a conversation before, but I did this time. Why do I want to spend my time, my free time no less, talking about intentional torts?! I don't. I definitely don't. And to listen to people go on and on about how smart they are and how they "set people straight"? Yeah, not so much.

What is it about law school students that makes them want to A. talk about the law at every opportunity and B. want to feel superior to people? I would say that they didn't have a life, but all of these people were married, some even with children. ANYTHING is more interesting than hearing about intentional torts!

Maybe they were looking at it as early bar review.


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